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Continuing to Serve…

 ASPIRE members are encouraged to participate in serviceThe following opportunities are upcoming:

  From Katie Kull 

(1) Tuesday Oct 22nd @ 6pm: “Leaders in ECE”; brilliant discussion on the educational gap that exist in America today and how we need talented ECE teachers to help us close it!

 Latin American Community Center 

403 N. Van Buren 

Wilmington, DE 19805
6:00-7:30 p.m. 

Dinner to follow LACC tour at Los Jardines

  (2) Wednesday Oct. 23rd @ 10am: Visit to a TFA Corps member’s ECE classroom at the Latin American Community Center and discussion on how ECE play a critical role in closing the education gap (Wilmington, DE)

 Contact Caitlin Gleason for more information at 


 From Dr. Carol Wong

 (3) Tuesday Nov 5th from 2pm-3:pm  serve as student guide for the Success through Education Conference

 The purpose of the conference is to initiate a partnership between the University of Delaware and Delaware high schools in order to recruit a diverse teacher population.

 Contact Carol Wong for additional information at


ASPIRE Opens Year with New Faces and Lots of Energy

2013 opening 2  On Wednesday, September 11, President Lorene McCoy and Vice President Tatiana Burgess started the fall 2013 meeting with cheerful greetings and an overview of the organization’s annual agenda, featuring highlights of service projects conducted both on and off campus.  Treasurer Camille Fontenelle and Secretary Keri Rojas, along with Conor Small, Communications Officer, helped to outline how the organization works and their personal reasons for being involved.

In additional to on-going service activities, the group will continue to meet monthly for student led presentations and discussions of topics that student leaders select.  Doctoral student Ali Marzochi announced the first Reading Research workshop, which will be held in early October for officers who are planning for presentations and ASPIRE members who are interested in learning more about how to prepare for research-based presentations.

The meeting schedule for the fall semester includes monthly Study Hours.  The Study Hours are also a new feature for the organization.  Students will meet on selected study dates by major area for problem-solving related to academic issues, including advice for selecting courses and planning academic schedules for subsequent semesters.  This new feature is designed to be particularly useful to freshmen and students who are new to each major area.  Sohan Ghandi, a 2013 Elementary and Math Education graduate, returned to campus to share his experiences as a substitute teacher at Kirk Middle School.  While he would prefer having a permanent position, Sohan explained how working as a substitute allows him to co-teach with more experienced teachers, and he believes that he is gaining the most valuable experience for becoming a great teacher over time.

 2013 opening 3  Karol Ovedo, an International Studies major and campus representative for Teach for America, spoke briefly about why TFA is a good option for students who want to make a difference in the lives of poor children who are at greatest risk for underachieving.  Karol has joined ASPIRE and wants to develop relationships that support her interest in becoming a high school teacher.

The next ASPIRE session will be a study group that will be held on Wed Sept 18.

Welcome Back to Campus & Welcome Class of 2017!!

The ASPIRE community will gather on Wednesday September 11 at 6:00pm in Purnell 324B for the Opening Meeting of the 2013-14 School Year.  We expect to rekindle friendships, welcome new members, and learn about exciting and beneficial activities.

Mark Your Calendars… A New School…New Challenges…New Opportunities







Welcome Class of 2017

Riley Interacting with Class of 2017 Destination DE Two prospective education majors and members of the UD Class of 2017 chat with Riley O’Brien during Destination Delaware.  Two hundred future Blue Hens found their way to campus on Sunday April 7th for a fast-paced, over night adventure that sealed the deal for many of the pre-freshmen.  ASPIRE leaders were on hand to welcome students to campus on Sunday and during a parting luncheon on Monday April 8th.                                  ASPIRE at Destination DE Spring 2013

Congratulations Future Blue Hens!!

Arpita Making Calls   On Wednesday, March 20th, Arpita, Kevin, Ellie and Kelsey, telephoned  telephone approximately 100 students who received letters this week from UD admissions indicating that they have seats in the fall 2013 freshman class, and that they have been admitted as teacher education majors.  The busy high school seniors who were contacted were excited and eager to learn more about the University of Delaware.  The ASPIRE callers described the school’s climate as active and very busy with TONS of clubs, opportunities to travel, and many, many special interest communities such as ASPIRE to join.  Some parents intercepted the calls, and they seemed equally excited, with many indicating an interest in visiting the campus again during Destination Delaware.  ASPIRE will host a table on Sunday April 7 from 6:00-7:00pm in Trabant to welcome families who attend Destination Delaware. 

We Are Inspired !!

On Monday, February 11, Kevin Nai and Arpita Mandal led a spirited discussion of the mission and activities of ASPIRE.  The organization welcomed six new students.  All the new faces are freshmen!!  Twenty continuing members attended the opening meeting and supported Kevin and Arpita  in describing the ASPIRE work on campus and in local schools, including officers elect Lorene, Tatiana, Kerianne, Camille, Conor, and Gemelle.   The group enjoyed an unscheduled and  inspirational treat, as ASPIRE welcomed Renatae Cuffee, the North East Region’s student representative to the national board of the National Education Association (NEA).  Renatae inspired us with a short video presentation on the work of the national student organization, which she described as very much like what ASPIRE is doing on campus and in our local community.  The one activity featured in the video clip that captured some passion among ASPIRE members was the gathering of student members of NEA to complete a “school makeover” in selected cities around the country…now that is a spring break  worth planning!!

Spring Semester Welcome Meeting on Monday February 11, 2013

ASA Students Join End of Semester Celebration

On November 30, Newark and Cab Calloway high school students celebrated with their ASPIRE mentors to close a successful fall semester.  The party was held in one of the Trabant Center meeting rooms.  The high school students were very proud to share poster sized copy of the handouts that they used in introducing their learning skills workshops to their peers at Newark High School.   Kayla Griffin, pictured third from left,  joined the Newark students during the summer to help them develop messaging and images to launch the ASA club.  Kayla is a sophomore at Cab Calloway, a local high school for the arts.   The ASPIRE mentors were especially pleased to have the opportunity to introduce the high school students to the next group of ASPIRE leaders.  UD teacher education majors, Tatiana Burgess and Gemelle John, joined the ASA support team at the beginning of the fall semester, and both are assuming leadership roles in ASPIRE and will serve as officers-elect in spring 2013.Lorene McCoy and Camille Fontenelle have also accepted spring 2013 leadership roles in ASPIRE.  Stay tuned in January for a full introduction of the 2013-14 leadership team.

Good luck with exams, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!!!!

Imagine It

On October 16th, ASPIRE leaders Sai Gajjala and Arpita Mandal, presented a very interesting talk on using technology to support teaching and learning.  Their Beyond Powerpoint message was well received by the group, which had a lively conversation about appropriate uses of social media to engage students.  …just imagine having Abe Lincoln, Fred Douglass and the Civil War generals interacting on a “faux” Facebook page… now that might get an 8th grader interested in the day-to-day lives of 19th century Americans…who says there are no new tricks?

Great Job Sai and Arpita!!

In What Kind of School Do You Want to Teach?

On October 10, at the first workshop of the year, ASPIRE President, Katie Kull, opened a conversation with a provocative question:  Where do you want to teach?  She used the question to guide the session that focused on comparing teaching and learning conditions in public urban/suburban, rural, and private schools.

Katie had the group vote at the beginning and end of the session on their preference.  More participants voted positively for working in urban/suburban environments after reviewing data on the emerging availability of  resources and opportunities to make substantive positive  change in schools that enroll students who face challenges in succeeding in their educational lives.  Among the resources noted were the growing engagement of the community and opportunities to work with more highly qualified colleagues.

Participants shared their own experiences in working with high needs students and much of the discussion referenced work on the positive impact of building community among students and providing them opportunities to interact with role models.  Video clips highlighted important work that is underway at San Francisco State University to mobilize stakeholders who want to change the status quo.  The conversation was lively and thought-provoking.  Several new-to-ASPIRE upper class students noted afterwards that they wish they had gotten involved in ASPIRE earlier.

Great Job Katie!