In What Kind of School Do You Want to Teach?

On October 10, at the first workshop of the year, ASPIRE President, Katie Kull, opened a conversation with a provocative question:  Where do you want to teach?  She used the question to guide the session that focused on comparing teaching and learning conditions in public urban/suburban, rural, and private schools.

Katie had the group vote at the beginning and end of the session on their preference.  More participants voted positively for working in urban/suburban environments after reviewing data on the emerging availability of  resources and opportunities to make substantive positive  change in schools that enroll students who face challenges in succeeding in their educational lives.  Among the resources noted were the growing engagement of the community and opportunities to work with more highly qualified colleagues.

Participants shared their own experiences in working with high needs students and much of the discussion referenced work on the positive impact of building community among students and providing them opportunities to interact with role models.  Video clips highlighted important work that is underway at San Francisco State University to mobilize stakeholders who want to change the status quo.  The conversation was lively and thought-provoking.  Several new-to-ASPIRE upper class students noted afterwards that they wish they had gotten involved in ASPIRE earlier.

Great Job Katie!

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