We Are Inspired !!

On Monday, February 11, Kevin Nai and Arpita Mandal led a spirited discussion of the mission and activities of ASPIRE.  The organization welcomed six new students.  All the new faces are freshmen!!  Twenty continuing members attended the opening meeting and supported Kevin and Arpita  in describing the ASPIRE work on campus and in local schools, including officers elect Lorene, Tatiana, Kerianne, Camille, Conor, and Gemelle.   The group enjoyed an unscheduled and  inspirational treat, as ASPIRE welcomed Renatae Cuffee, the North East Region’s student representative to the national board of the National Education Association (NEA).  Renatae inspired us with a short video presentation on the work of the national student organization, which she described as very much like what ASPIRE is doing on campus and in our local community.  The one activity featured in the video clip that captured some passion among ASPIRE members was the gathering of student members of NEA to complete a “school makeover” in selected cities around the country…now that is a spring break  worth planning!!

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