ASPIRE Opens Year with New Faces and Lots of Energy

2013 opening 2  On Wednesday, September 11, President Lorene McCoy and Vice President Tatiana Burgess started the fall 2013 meeting with cheerful greetings and an overview of the organization’s annual agenda, featuring highlights of service projects conducted both on and off campus.  Treasurer Camille Fontenelle and Secretary Keri Rojas, along with Conor Small, Communications Officer, helped to outline how the organization works and their personal reasons for being involved.

In additional to on-going service activities, the group will continue to meet monthly for student led presentations and discussions of topics that student leaders select.  Doctoral student Ali Marzochi announced the first Reading Research workshop, which will be held in early October for officers who are planning for presentations and ASPIRE members who are interested in learning more about how to prepare for research-based presentations.

The meeting schedule for the fall semester includes monthly Study Hours.  The Study Hours are also a new feature for the organization.  Students will meet on selected study dates by major area for problem-solving related to academic issues, including advice for selecting courses and planning academic schedules for subsequent semesters.  This new feature is designed to be particularly useful to freshmen and students who are new to each major area.  Sohan Ghandi, a 2013 Elementary and Math Education graduate, returned to campus to share his experiences as a substitute teacher at Kirk Middle School.  While he would prefer having a permanent position, Sohan explained how working as a substitute allows him to co-teach with more experienced teachers, and he believes that he is gaining the most valuable experience for becoming a great teacher over time.

 2013 opening 3  Karol Ovedo, an International Studies major and campus representative for Teach for America, spoke briefly about why TFA is a good option for students who want to make a difference in the lives of poor children who are at greatest risk for underachieving.  Karol has joined ASPIRE and wants to develop relationships that support her interest in becoming a high school teacher.

The next ASPIRE session will be a study group that will be held on Wed Sept 18.

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