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Preparing today’s teachers for tomorrow’s classrooms

Success begins with effective test preparation — that’s why ETS is offering free Praxis™ Study Plan Development Webinars to help your teacher candidates prepare.

These free webinars deliver in-depth information about the Praxis I® and Praxis II® tests, and offer your students the opportunity to ask questions. Prospective test takers are also presented with a plan to help guide their preparation for their Praxis tests.

Webinar topics include:

  • An overview of the Praxis tests
  • An overview of the Tests at a Glance (TAAG)
  • Available resources for test preparation

The next Praxis I Webinar will take place on Friday, January 11, 2013, at 1 p.m. (ET).

Learn more about how to register.

Please pass this message on to your teacher candidates and help us continue to nurture the goal of bringing great teachers to every classroom. Registration opens approximately two weeks in advance of the listed date.

Praxis I Webinar Dates

  • Friday, January 11, at 1 p.m. ET
  • Monday, March 25, at 1 p.m. ET
  • Monday, May 13, at 1 p.m. ET

Praxis II Webinar Dates

  • Wednesday, February 13, at 1 p.m. ET
  • Wednesday, April 10, at 1 p.m. ET
  • Wednesday, June 19, at 1 p.m. ET

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The Practices of Mathematics Educators: A Comparative Study of Teaching Across Countries

Students in the U.S. are being outperformed in mathematics by students from all across the world. Does this mean that the students from other countries will also build better economic skills than the students here, and will their students eventually be able to obtain better jobs involving mathematics than the students learning math in America? We do not want to sit around and find out, so studies are currently being conducted to see how we can increase the mathematics scores of our students as well. The purpose of this study is to determine what practices can be adopted by U.S. mathematics educators to improve the effectiveness of their teaching. Based on the TIMSS 1999 video study, the United States and two higher achieving countries; Hong Kong and Czech Republic were chosen for analysis. Qualitative descriptions of 4 representative lessons from each country were created, focusing on how teachers in each country introduce new topics, the things that they require students to practice, and the material reviewed during lessons. Based on the observations from this study, I concluded that teachers in the United States should provide their students with more opportunities to work challenging problems and to think through mathematics content on their own.

 Amber Beaman, Senior Elementary Education major, worked on this provocative study with Professor Jim Hiebert, a reknowned mathematics education scholar.  This was Amber’s third summer of research, and by her account, this was the best summer ever; the work has really progressed.  Amber is well on the way to success as a classroom teacher and teacher leader.  Her research positions her to effectively support instructional reform efforts, and she will be an asset to any elementary or middle school faculty.  Congratulations Amber!!!

Birthday Cake & More

ASPIRE members, alumni, supporters and Delaware Center for Teacher Education staff celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the ASPIRE Program during the 2011 Alumni Weekend events held on the University of Delaware campus June 3-5.

The ASPIRE gathering was small  and it provided an opportunity  for 2011 graduates, Khalid Bilal and Denise Arreola, to be recognized and applauded for their success.  Khalid will teach English at Howard High School in Wilmington in the fall, and Denise is headed to Virginia Commonwealth University for graduate study in sociology.

Project Search

Meet principals and hiring teams from schools in Delaware and the surrounding states.  Project Search convenes on Tuesday April 12 and Wednesday April 13, at the Bob Carpenter Center, on the University of Delaware campus, from 8-4.  This event is jointly sponsored by the Delaware Center for Teacher Education and Career Services.

ASPIRE End of School Year Meeting

The semester is coming to a close….ASPIRE must conclude the year with style and grace!
Thursday, May 13, 2010

ASPIRE Members Focus on Equity

Emily Fenn, a Sophomore Elementary Education major and member of UD’s Teach for America student services organization, described differences in the schooling outcomes for students based on the schools that they attend.  She noted that SAT scores for students at Wilmington Charter average 1800, while students in other schools, particularly schools with high enrollments of low income students, in the state average 1400.  Teach for America members take on the challenge of improving schooling outcomes of students from low income communities.  In the 2009-10 school year, 450,000 U.S. students in all 50 states and the District of Columbia have teachers who are members of Teach for America.

Professor George Bear and Mrs. Patti Bear Provide Solid Guidance

On Wednesday October 7, 2009,  ASPIRE  members engaged in an informative and very lively discussion about How to Deal with Difficult Situations in the Classroom.  Professor and Mrs. Bear advised ASPIRE members to prevent discipline problems by getting to know their students and by communicating with them and their parents.  The Bears shared useful examples from their years in classrooms spanning elementary through high school grades. 

Kara Cashwell, ASPIRE Vice President, organized and led the session. 

The next ASPIRE meeting will be held on Thursday, October 22, at 6:00p.m. in 208 Gore Hall.  The meeting will feature a Diversity Workshop:  Effective Strategies for Working with Black & Latino Youth.