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ASPIRE Service Event: On Track for Success

On Saturday December 1 2012, the ASPIRE community joined forces with McNair, SSSP, and NSBE to host a college and career planning event for high school families.  Undergraduates stepped up, by taking responsibility to coach individual students in writing their college essays and developing personal resumes.  The students will interact again by email in mid-January when the high school students will mail drafts of their essays to their undergraduate coaches.  There will be opportunities for additional face-t0-face interactions in June 2013 when the campus student community will support this group of students in a week-long college application and scholarship application completion “boot camp.”  Undergraduates who enroll for the first summer session in Public Policy and Leadership in Education UAPP 467 will have opportunities to engage with the On Track for Success students in a course that focuses on policies and practices guiding national concerns for increasing college access and completion rates in the U.S.

  The On Track for Success students are 11th graders at Newark High School.  Several of them participated in summer 2012 in an academic leadership camp led by ASPIRE officers.  The high school students developed workshops that they are now sharing with their peers at Newark HS.  On Saturday, ASPIRE leaders beamed as their mentees gave an impromptu presentation on their summer 2012 work.   The group ended their presentation by sharing their mantra :  Good Better Best, Never Let It Rest, Until Your Good is Your Better and Your Better is Your Best!!!!!!!         

According to Quindara…

African Americans have endured the hardships of racial injustice and discrimination.  Racial segregation and discriminatory practices against African Americans has damaged the black community and limited expansion from urban neighborhoods to suburban areas. In turn, the resulting residential discrimination has made it possible to expose African American and other communities to conditions of environmental degradation. The phenomenon of environmental racism or the social and environmental policies that enable the inhumane dumping of hazardous and toxic materials in communities is explored in this paper. This social injustice is all encompassing and includes, but is not limited to the placement of hazardous waste facilities, nuclear waste, and presence of toxins in the air, incinerators, and unregulated sewer deposits into drinking water supplies. Another goal is to understand the efforts of the federal government to combat this problem through the activities of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Quindara Lazenbury, 2011 ASPIRE President, presented her second McNair research project this summer.  Working with Dr. Benigno Aguirre in Sociology, Quindara is continuing her exploration of social justice issues.  We look forward to learning more about her current work which might help to inspire younger students to consider careers in science and science education. 

Here and Ready!!

ASPIRE officers Katie Kull, Sai Gajjala, and Kevin Nai were joined on Monday June 25th by 10 eager high school students who will launch the ASA (Junior ASPIRE) program at Newark High School in the fall.  The Newark students include Genovieve Arango, Kevin Cramer, Rebecca McLaughlin, Lacey Morris, Lucila Sandoval, Zanieca Scott, Shanika Stanley, Alexus Walker, and DayQuan Wallace.  Kayla Giffin, a theater major at Cab Calloway high school, also joined the group to assist with planning for marketing the program in the fall.   The Newark students are working to develop workshops on Time Management, Study Strategies, Reading and Note-taking Strategies that they will present to peers in the fall, as the major component in the launch of a peer tutoring program.  The ASA students are emerging Academic Leaders, and they are interacting during their campus experience with established student leaders at UD from SSSP, McNair, and the ASPIRE programs. The group stopped enroute to the library on their first day on campus to pose for this picture.  The program will conclude on July 10th, and the students will preview their workshops for invited guests.

The Crew at the Beach

Faith Roach, a 2011 Elementary Education graduate and Bruce Aldred, Biology ’12, formed a very powerful partnership to support middle school students who are headed to Cape Henlopen high school and slated for participation in the AVID program. 

UD Fraternity Hosts Study Sessions

Zawadi Chapter of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Inc. (LSU) supports academic excellence!! This semester Lambda Sigma Upsilon is starting a trend by hosting weekly study sessions.  Currently, the sessions are held once a week from 7 pm to 9:30 pm. The goal is to provide an environment where students can really focus on productive studying for two hours as opposed to attempting to study in dorm rooms with interruptions.  LSU study sessions are open to EVERYONE. ASPIRE members are encouraged to attend these sessions and as the group grows, ASPIRE members are invited to volunteer their time as tutors.

This weeks study session will be on Thursday (3/17/11) from 7 to 9:30pm in  Gore Hall room 104..

For additional information contact  LSU President Emanuel Chacon