Good Better Best

Never Give It A Rest*Until Your Good is Your Better*And Your Better is Your Best

  Congratulations ASPIRE Summer Research Fellows:  Katie Kull, Sai Gajjala and Kevin Nai.  Their presentation on August 9th concluded the first phase of the launch of the new ASA program for high school student academic leaders at Newark High School.

All Students Aspire: Peer Learning Strategies to Improve Efficacy

 The Newark HS students will share their work with their peers through three workshops: 1)Time Management, 2) Note-taking, 3)Study Strategies.  These sessions were developed with support from the ASPIRE research team and will be conducted at the high school as gatherings of students who are approved as peer tutors to meet students who want to improve their academic profiles in various courses. 

The undergraduates’ summer research focused on strategies for improving self-regulated learning, and their work with the high school students students challenged them to shape practices consistent with the ideas of theorists who advocate the importance of the development of personal confidence and efficacy.


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