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The Crew at the Beach

Faith Roach, a 2011 Elementary Education graduate and Bruce Aldred, Biology ’12, formed a very powerful partnership to support middle school students who are headed to Cape Henlopen high school and slated for participation in the AVID program. 

Now I Know How It Feels to Work in Early Childhood

Malana Linder, an 11th grader at Pencader Charter high school, is interested in education because her grandmother is a retired teacher.  Counselors and teachers have not necessarily encouraged her interest in education because she is a competitive student and Pencader has a business theme.  Students there have more contact with role models in business.  Malana’s mom encouraged her to seek opportunities to learn more about teaching as a career.  As a Summer 2011 High School Intern, Malana gained important insight working with four year olds at the University’s Early Learning Center:  I thought this was a simple field.  It seemed like a babysitting job in a way before I got the experience.  My thoughts and feelings did a 180 [degree turn]; I have a totally different view of this field and have much respect for early educators…it has given me an idea about what age group I’d like to work with…