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Summer Leadership Opportunities

ASPIRE Summer Leadership Opportunities are described below.  Selected leaders will receive stipends.  Active ASPIRE members are encouraged to apply.

Position Descriptions Undergraduate Teacher Education Program Leaders

Summer 2010:  TO APPLY Submit application letter to by April 29, 2010.  Please provide at least one reference (email address for the reference) and address each of the qualifications listed for the position/s for which you want consideration.

ASPIRE Members Will Meet Harvard Professor William Julius Wilson

Happy Spring to All,

Please note that at 3:30pm tomorrow,  April 6th, in the Trabant Center Multipurpose Room, ASPIRE members and other interested students will have an opportunity to interact with Harvard Professor William Julius Wilson, author of a recent book that discusses how poverty and race converge to shape/limit opportunities.  His book discusses the three most pressing racially charged problems currently facing America:  the persistence of the inner-city ghetto, the plight of low skilled black males, and the fragmentation of the African American family.

Given receipt of Race to the Top funding, which was formally announced last week, Delaware will have 100 Million Dollars to address the problem of poor student performance and schooling outcomes that perpetuate these problems.

As a teacher education community, we should have a lot of interest in the discussion tomorrow.


Sharpen Skills & Achieve Academic Success

As we step into the second half of the spring semester, here’s a reminder of the resources available through the Academic Enrichment Center.  Center staff are eager to provide help to those who are struggling, as well as to those who are successful and looking for ways to sharpen their skills.  These resources include: