Welcome to Campus Success Through Education Conference Participants

Prospective Education Majors from four Delaware high schools visited campus on Tuesday November 13, 2012.  Their day included visits to UD classes and a tour of campus, as well as information sessions on financial aid, scholarships, and the Associate of Arts program.  The students received ASPIRE brochures and encouragement to learn as much about the teaching profession as possible and to equip themselves with study habits that will ensure success at every level of education.  ASPIRE Encourages Students to Develop:

Study Power





  • Set-up a place to study that is available to you whenever you need it.
  • Keep materials, such as pens, paper, a dictionary in your study place.
  • Make certain that your space is comfortable and well lit.
  • Keep you study space free of distractions, such as loud music, conversations, and TV.
  • Write down what you want to achieve.  I plan to get an A on the biology test.
  • Write down the milestones or steps that you will achieve to meet your goals.
    1.      I will rewrite notes and make up questions from the notes one week before the test.  2. I will review and answer my questions every night from 8-9pm.
  •   Study across time.  Review notes each night.  Prepare for class each night.Make a plan/schedule of what and when to study.
  • Master new information or skills as soon as they are taught by practicing and asking questions.  Talk to classmates about what you are learning.  Study with a group or a friend.
  • Make sure you understand what you study.  Make up examples and explain ideas in your own words.  Be able to say that this ______(new information) is like _______(something that you already know well.)
  • Make certain that what you are studying or what you learn makes sense to YOU.

We hope to see you on campus again very soon!!

Reference: http://www.udel.edu/AEC-workshop

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