More Good News

  Stacey Chambers stopped by this morning with wonderful news.  She has been accepted at the  University of Pennsylvania to pursue a graduate degree in Counseling!!   Stacey will complete her undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Studies this May.  She is a graduate of Newark High School where she is currently completing her clinical hours for the HDFS major.  Stacey is a member of the research team that developed the Operation College Awareness Reading Everyone (CARE) Curriculum, which ASPIRE continues to use during outreach activities with middle and high school students.

In February, working with Valerie Morano, her site supervisor at Newark, Stacey supported the current ASPIRE leaders in bringing Newark High School students to campus for an academic leadership training workshop and to attend the Hill Harper presentation.   This activity launched the latest outreach initiative that will focus on helping Newark students develop their own peer tutoring and academic leadership program that will be modeled after ASPIRE.

Stacey is a McNair Scholar, and she is making excellent use of the guidance and experiences provided by the McNair Program.  We look forward to welcoming her back to UD very soon as Dr. Stacey Chambers.  It is happening over here!!!


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