Knowledge Is Wealth

On Saturday, February 20th, ASPIRE members Denise Arreola, Amber Beamon, Kristian Contreras, Jessica Davis, Elise Jackson, Teresita Mariano, Nick Pappas, and Taria Pritchett made significant contributions to the New Castle County College Planning Community,by helping to host FAFSA labs and workshops held at Delaware Technical and Community College for high school seniors and parents.   According to Teresita Mariano, an ASPIRE officer, This is important service for us to give, especially to the many Latino families that attended.  These students and their parents need to interact with people who know about college and can help them understand the process for getting in, getting financial support, and succeeding once you are there.   Denise Arreola, also an ASPIRE officer, agrees with Teresita, and she stressed the importance of time management, especially for students who must work during their first semesters of college life.

Elise and Kristian, both English Education majors, greet a high school student who plans to become a teacher.

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