ASPIRE Vice President Travels Around the World

Kara Cashwell, Junior, Early Childhood Education Major, Urban Education Minor, and Disabilities Studies

Program- Winter 2010 Around The World DIST

Her Experience: “Study Abroad is the best way to see the world. You are immersed in the culture in a very different way than you can be as a regular tourist. This allows you to learn more about the intricacies of the culture such as daily life for citizens rather than just about tourist hot spots”    Kara’s Advice:  For scholarships–START EARLY! Research scholarships so you know the requirements and deadlines. Then, research which ever programs you are interested in and know their interest meeting and deadlines. The sooner you start the better! Also, start early to give yourself time to get your finances in order. These trips are very expensive and well worth the money IF you plan ahead and save up!”

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