ASPIRE to Host 2011 Freshmen

ASPIRE members will welcome high school seniors to campus to participate in the lecture and discussion featuring Michael Eric Dyson, on September 29 at 7:00pm in the Trabant Center.  The high school seniors participated in the Summer 2010 Aspiring Teacher Internship program, and they are interested in pursuing teacher education degrees at UD.

The school year follow up for the Aspiring Teacher Interns has been expanded to include participation with the ASPIRE community in selected cultural and pre-professional activities.  The high school seniors are working with Chanel Gaither, a recent graduate of the University of Virginia and a social entrepreneur who has organized a non-profit organization that provides “hands-on” support to first generation college applicants in accessing the college admissions process.  Ms. Gaither’s organization has partnered with ASPIRE to support the Aspiring Teacher candidates.

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