ASPIRE Students and Alumna Honored


 ASPIRE Members with 2010 DE Teacher of the Year, Mary Pinkston and Anthony Mullen, the 2009 National Teacher of the Year.

On Tuesday, May 4, 2010 the University Council on Teacher Education and the Delaware Center for Teacher Education hosted an education awards and recognition program.  The program was supported by ING and featured Anthony J. Mullen, a NYC teacher and the 2009 Teacher of the Year.  Mr. Mullen gave an engaging talk on Recovering Lost Students.

The awards ceremony featured presentations to students across the four colleges that graduate students who are prepared to teach, as well as discipline-based honors recognizing students in mathematics, Italian, history, political science, Spanish, chemistry, and English.

ASPIRE VP, Kara Cashwell, was honored as the first student to receive the Sue O’Day Pritchett Scholarship for achievement.  ASPIRE President, Taria Pritchett, received the Sophomore Student of Achievement award which is sponsored by Delta Kappa Gamma.  Taria, along with Emily Fenn, President of Teach for America’s UD student group, presented the Legacy of Achievement award to the 2010 DE Teacher of the Year and ASPIRE Alumna, Mary Pinkston.

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