ASPIRE was established in 1991 to respond to the recognized national and state need to recruit more students from underrepresented groups into teacher education.

ASPIRE today continues to support access for members of underrepresented groups to University of Delaware degree programs, with an emphasis on preparing students for careers as teachers and educators.  We engage students from five colleges in activities that provide opportunities for academic and professional development. In addition to traditional Elementary Education majors, ASPIRE welcomes students who pursue teaching degrees in Arts & Sciences disciplines, as well as in Marine Studies, Agriculture, Health Sciences, Human Development and Leadership. The ASPIRE community is an energized force that is dedicated to the development of effective teachers and leaders for schools in Delaware and beyond. The mission of ASPIRE is to prepare outstanding educators who are well-rounded, critical thinkers committed to the academic success of all students.

Through an emerging Aspiring Teacher initiative, we are working to grow our own next generation of students who will choose teacher education as a career pathway. By supporting a network of pre-college peer educators and student academic leaders, ASPIRE members nurture an interest in teaching and other careers in education.

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For More information about ASPIRE contact:   302-831-0374