Here and Ready!!

ASPIRE officers Katie Kull, Sai Gajjala, and Kevin Nai were joined on Monday June 25th by 10 eager high school students who will launch the ASA (Junior ASPIRE) program at Newark High School in the fall.  The Newark students include Genovieve Arango, Kevin Cramer, Rebecca McLaughlin, Lacey Morris, Lucila Sandoval, Zanieca Scott, Shanika Stanley, Alexus Walker, and DayQuan Wallace.  Kayla Giffin, a theater major at Cab Calloway high school, also joined the group to assist with planning for marketing the program in the fall.   The Newark students are working to develop workshops on Time Management, Study Strategies, Reading and Note-taking Strategies that they will present to peers in the fall, as the major component in the launch of a peer tutoring program.  The ASA students are emerging Academic Leaders, and they are interacting during their campus experience with established student leaders at UD from SSSP, McNair, and the ASPIRE programs. The group stopped enroute to the library on their first day on campus to pose for this picture.  The program will conclude on July 10th, and the students will preview their workshops for invited guests.

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