We Were There: ASPIRE Members Serve During Winter Break

On January 17, days ahead of the National Day of Service, ASPIRE members traveled to A.I. duPont Middle School to interact with a group of about 50 middle and high school families.  Sharing wisdom about what their parents did when they were in middle and high school that helped them secure a seat at UD, Kevin Nai, Kerrianne Rojas, Lorene McCoy, SaiSri Gajjala, Arpita Mandel, Quindara Lazenbury, Anh Nguyen, and Stanley Anderson held the audience rapt.  According to Redclay’s Director of Title 1 programs, this kind of interaction brings reality to the day-to-day decisions that parents often make in supervising homework and planning for how their students will remain engaged in academic preparatory activities during the summers.  Engagement was a key theme of the presentation, as noted by Melva Ware, ASPIRE Director, college planning begins with conversations between students and their parents.


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